See what our clients are saying about our services.

I would encourage everyone to use Lisa’s services. She has a high level of expertise, so much so that I initiated a Corporate Massage Program within our down-town Calgary office. She visits 1 day per week and there is no shortage of our employees willing to book her day up. I highly recommend LYSA for your massage and pain management needs.
— Danika. F ~ Calgary, AB
L.Y.S.A. is a wonderful and comprehensive experience. Lisa is professional, charming, and attentive to personal detail. She has always been adamant about keeping up to speed with my specific needs, working around my schedule, and in turn has provided me with an expedited recovery time. I would highly recommend Lisa. If you want to relax, heal, or uplift your well-being, this is as good as it gets!!
— Kobra P. ~ Calgary, AB
We have really enjoyed our experience with L.Y.S.A Massage so far and have already booked our next appointments. Lisa comes to our home once a month and provides a massage for myself and my husband. She is always a delight - pleasant, friendly, on time, and efficient. She gives great massages and can adjust her technique to suit whatever you need (e.g., therapeutic, relaxation). I would highly recommend L.Y.S.A. to anyone!
— Jessica H. ~ Calgary, AB
Lisa is a so good at what she does!! She works with your schedule and comes right to your house. She turns my living room Zen in less then 5 min! She uses great essential oils that work with my sensitive skin and that smell amazing. She works with you for pressure and really gets all of my knots out that leaves me feeling relaxed and fit at the same time. Simply the best.
— Alicia W. ~ Calgary, AB
I have had a lot of therapists and LYSA is by far the best massage I have ever received. I would recommend her to anyone with any problem. She is more then knowledgeable about the body and is a nurse to boot. Book with her and you will be writing on here about her service.
— Paige B ~ Calgary, AB
Lisa does an amazing job. I look forward to the massages and the great scents of the aromatherapy oils. She is very considerate and considers the needs of her clients to offer a personalize service in your home. Highly recommend her services.
— Ellie B. ~ Calgary, AB
Lysa mobile massage is awesome. This was our first mobile massage and my husband and I are hooked. Lisa is amazing. She turns your living room into an oasis. She really takes the time to listen to your needs and spends the time wisely. Highly recommend Lisa for your next massage.
— Jaime K. ~ Calgary, AB
I have nothing but high regard for Lisa and the massages she gave to my Mom. My Mom was in hospital and Lisa was very willing to provide her services there. Lisa’s nursing background was a terrific compliment to her massage knowledge, making the experience for Mom full and rounded. As Lisa has worked with seniors in a nursing capacity, she had a great understanding and obvious love for seniors. This came across right away. Lisa was discreet, pulled the curtains around Mom’s bed to maintain privacy and brought soothing music (or you could provide your own). The massages helped ease Mom’s aches and pains from lying on a bed much of the day, helping her to relax. When Mom was moved to palliative care, in another facility, Lisa came there once again to provide her services. Her sensitivity towards Mom and us as family members, in an emotional and difficult time, was a blessing! I would highly recommend L.Y.S.A. Mobile Massage.
— Darlene N ~ Calgary, AB
I struggle to feel safe with people. I am always watching to ensure that my needs are important to those serving me in the health care industry. As a result, I am very hyper-vigilant about practitioners. Yet if you are looking for a true, professional massage therapist who cares about your healing. . . Whose concern for your well being is evident in her kind manner and gentle words. . . Who will take that extra time to work through specific areas of pain in your body with understanding, knowledge and compassion. . . Then look no further. Meet Lisa, whose business name, L.Y.S.A., (“LOVE YOUR SELF ALWAYS”) truly reflects the healing and therapeutic essence of her massage practice. I am so thankful she accepted me as a client.
— Irish Beth M. ~ Calgary, AB